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Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

No. The 10-seed VCU’s sudden departure from the 2021 NCAA tournament was due to three players testing positive for COVID-19 within 48 hours, sources told CBS Sports, it is the first time since last summer that the VCU had players tested positive for COVID-19, a source said, and this resulted in their scheduled game against No. 1 no competition was held 7 seed Oregon before the tip on Saturday night
Internally, the VCU wonders if the location of the Atlantic 10 tournament title game was responsible for the program finding its way out of the NCAA tournament. Sources told CBS Sports that VCU, St Bonaventure and the entire reigning crew of the event all stayed at the Dayton Marriott – directly across from the UD Arena, the venue for the title game in Dayton, Ohio

No 9 seeds St. Bonaventure played on Saturday and fell 76-61 to No. 8 Seed LSU in the first round

Roger Ayers, college basketball official, worked on the title game of the Atlantic 10 tournament between St Bonaventure and VCU subsequently tested positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Indianapolis for the NCAA tournament, Ayers is currently battling the coronavirus and told CBS Sports he has been fighting all week

“The hotel was full,” a source told CBS Sports. “They had kind of a different tournament there. People who don’t adhere to protocols, walk around the hotel and lobby without a mask. There were people who weren’t from The NCAA can control who is there, who is in the buildings, in the hotels or in the convention center. You must have ID with your picture that you wear around your neck. Everyone must wear masks, four people too an elevator, no gathering in the lobbies The NCAA has complete control over what’s going on “

“There was [another] incident there,” the source added. “There were children, parents and people with disagreements [about COVID-19] and the hotel staff I saw the ladies at check-in yell at people walking through the lobby to put on their masks “

When asked for an explanation on the matter at the title game of the A-10 tournament, league spokesman Drew Dickerson told CBS Sports: “The A-10 teams were all on the same page Hotel The teams all had separate floors that were separate from each other and from the public The officials did, too There was no mixing with teams; the teams had dedicated meeting rooms that were separate from everyone else and from each other “

The VCU coaching team met on Saturday afternoon before the scheduled game against Oregon on the hotel floor provided with the players.The three players who tested positive were not allowed to be present.It is not yet known when the team – and the players who were positive have been tested – leave and return to Virginia

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World News – USA – VCU believes COVID-19 positive results may be due to problematic hotel stay ahead of Atlantic 10 title game are