The Bluejays will keep shooting from three and get off the bus and hit 44% of the field Villanova was upset

It won, but it just stuttered a bit, it wasn’t turned on from the outside like it usually is, it didn’t make the extra pass like it usually does, and then

St Johns 70, Villanova 59 After that everything changed, at least in the last two games

Now the Wildcats can’t miss anything, in part because they emerged from two of their best passing games of the year, they look like the killer shooting team it is supposed to be

Creighton can play a bit of D on the outside, and the team continues to be the best in the Great East on the outside

It’s a great run of four wins in the last five with all wins on the road thanks to the ability to shoot out of traffic jams, especially late Villanova may be able to move the ball well, but Creighton is amazing at getting the extra pass generate and find the open three However …

Of course it was great early on when it won, but the last two games have been fantastic The Wildcats may not be quite as hot off the field on the road, but Creighton wasn’t particularly good at the CHI Health Center

Expect loads of threesomes, loads of swings and a late run from Villanova for one of the best wins of the year

Villanova 83, Creighton 78Bet on college basketball with BetMGM
Villanova -25, o / u: 1445ATS trust from 5: 3

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