The photo in question had previously gone viral The 2018 and 2019 posts claimed it showed former President Bill Clinton on Epstein’s Island The pictures were actually taken in January 2017 at the Casa de Campo resort in the Dominican Republic. Snopes noticed at the time that one of Clinton’s friends named George Nader (not, as Snopes proved, a sex offender of the same name) had shared one of the pictures on his Instagram. Several Spanish-language news outlets covered the trip and shared the pictures in question

The person identified as Roberts was not identified in coverage of Clinton’s vacation, but photos of Roberts at Trump’s inauguration, also held in January 2017, show that his head of hair is grayer and grayer in relation to the Chief Justice, not quite so full

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Some of these fact checks make me laugh I know it has to be done, but how can you not just wink and say “Really?”

I appreciate the work you are doing on these fact-checking, Alec, but the notoriety of the Snopes link makes it read like you just found the photo on Snopes and reproduced your work, and it would be good to have a refutation, too underlying allegation that the photo is intended to support: “There is no evidence that Justice Roberts ever visited Epstein’s island” (assuming, of course, that it actually did)

John Roberts

World News – USA – Did John Roberts vacation on Jeffrey Epstein’s island?