WILMINGTON, NC. – A tornado killed three people and injured 10 more when it struck Brunswick County near Ocean Isle Beach in southeast North Carolina overnight when the Twister left residents trapped or missing and damaged dozen homes, officials said

It was generated on the edge of the same weather system and brought bitterly cold temperatures to much of the nation

>> Meteorologist John Ahrens is in Brunswick County to investigate the damage. He will have LIVE reports starting at 5 p.m. on Channel 9

The tornado hit just before midnight on Tuesday, damaging houses, tearing some of their foundations and tearing trees in half, WWAY-TV reported

I have been asked by first responders to leave the neighborhood but I will return as soon as we get closer to the sunlight @WWAY https: // tco / 1rQY9x89eO

Minutes later, the National Weather Service office in Wilmington warned of structural damage and power line failure near Highway 17 in Grissettown

“Avoid the area” The agency tweeted that they confirmed on Tuesday that a tornado had set in but have not yet addressed the storm’s assessment

The tornado hit just before midnight, ripping open houses, knocking over cars and uprooting trees in Ocean Ridge Plantation, said Ed Conrow, Brunswick County’s emergency services director, said dozens of other homes were damaged by the “violent tornado.” Gov Roy Cooper said in a tweet

â ???? The sky lit up and there was a lot of pop-pop-popping And the loud thunder And then it sounded like a train, a freight train coming through The roar of a freight train At that moment all the damage has occurred Sharon Benson, who lives in the neighborhood, told the Associated Press

Photos distributed by the sheriff’s office showed first responders walking through a rubble field of uprooted trees and crumpled piles of boards and bricks in the golf course community A house fell on the golf course fairway. Several other roofs had damage ranging from shingles torn off to exposed roof beams that the storm tore a hole

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by the tornado that struck the southern end of Brunswick County early

“It’s something I’ve never seen” said Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram Much Destruction It will be a long recovery processâ ????

Conrow said people were trapped in homes The Wilmington Fire Department tweeted that it sent teams to find people missing after the tornado

First responders went door-to-door to check on people just before 5 am. First responders from Brunswick County said three people were killed in the tornado and at least ten people were injured, according to WRAL

By noon, Conrow said no other people were found injured and no one else was missing

Benson, 63, said her roof was damaged, the garage door was blown, windows broken, and nearby trees uprooted. She met with an insurance agent Tuesday to discuss repairs, and said her neighbors were also badly damaged

She said she was surprised to hear strong winds and thunder, and to see intense lightning just before midnight on Monday

â ???? You said it was going to rain No storm at all No warning? She said

Officials said the major damage was in the Ocean Ridge Plantation area, and that is where all injuries and deaths have been reported. At least 50 homes were damaged and 9 destroyed in Ocean Ridge

“I’ve seen havoc I haven’t seen in many years, and have a background in public safety myself”said Chairman of the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners, Randy Thompson It was really a disaster last night. And again, all we want to do is remember those we lost and our thoughts and prayers as we move forwardâ ????

â ???? It’s near home It could have been my loved ones, you know what I mean? Lifelong resident Chris Osborne told WTVD on Tuesday morning

Osborne has lived in the area all his life but said the storms sounded different overnight

The Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation said thousands of people had lost electricity.At the height of the storm, more than 37 were000 failures reported This number was around 3 by noon000 decreased

Gov Roy Cooper later issued a statement Tuesday morning saying he had spoken to local leaders and the state was ready to send aid to the area

At least three deaths, a string of injuries, and damage to dozens of homes caused by a violent tornado in Brunswick County last night I spoke to Sheriff Ingram and County Commission Chairman Thompson, and the state sent aid Our prayers are with them all – RC

Rescue operations were under way early in the morning and several reports of missing persons were filed, however investigators have now said that all of the missing persons have been found

The crews resumed investigating the damage when the sun rose Tuesday morning.Some houses were leveled, others suffered major damage

“We have completed search and rescue,” Conrow said, “We will move into a recovery phase where we will begin conducting preliminary damage assessments and working with our supply partners and our state and local authorities to get our community back on track bring to”normal as possible”

Mark Willis, the meteorologist for the National Weather Service’s office in nearby Wilmington, said the same cold front that brings freezing temperatures, ice and snow from Canada to Mexico is creating favorable conditions for tornadoes in North Carolina where it pushed against a warm front from the Gulf of Mexico

A weather service team will investigate the damage and confirm that a tornado actually landed, Willis


“We only had a minimal warning,” Conrow said. We had a tornado warning from the National Weather Service that aired, but by that point the storm was already down causing damage. We even spoke to our partners at the National Weather Service and they were very surprised at how quickly the storm was intensifying. It’s something they don’t usually see so we didn’t have much warning and the night most people are at home and in bed, it creates a very dangerous situationâ? ???

Steve McCreedy, 69, told the Associated Press that he and his wife were woken up by their dog and went into a closet when they heard their windows burst and trees crack outside

â ???? I heard my dog ​​whimper and I got up and went in to see them And suddenly I just heard the rumble, as they say, the train was getting louder and louder he said

â ???? So I yelled at my wife and we have an inside closet that we determined to be the place to go if something like this happens and we dove in there. Once that happened, we had broken glass and the trees fellâ ????

He said he had a weather radio to keep them informed of threats, and although he knew severe thunderstorms were possible, he was never made aware of the possibility of a tornado until the weather came upon them

He said he had a generator to keep the fridge running and feels happy the damage wasn’t worse. He said his neighbor’s house was leveledâ ????

“This is definitely going to be a long-term event – the recovery in Ocean Ridge,” Conrow said. This will take a lot of hard work, effort between cleaning up, rebuilding and getting the families back to normal lifeâ ????

Conrow declined to provide details about the injuries or deaths, but said no one else was reported missing in the early afternoon

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Tornado North Carolina

World News – USA – “We only had a minimal warning”: 3 dead according to tornado levels Ocean Isle neighborhood

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