Fuller will serve the remainder of his six-game suspension for a performance-enhancing drug injury at the start of the season.As soon as that is no longer possible, he will try to produce at the level he was before the passage of the Ban last year had

Fuller had 53 catches for 879 yards and eight touchdowns in 11 games to make career highs in all three categories.It was also the first time Fuller never missed a game due to injury, and a replay on that front would be a plus for his Chances of getting a longer deal on his next visit to the Free Agency

I’m not sure why BB didn’t chase this guy, but then again, I’m not sure why BB wanted N’Keal to have Harry through DK Metcalf

The dolphins signed someone at a speed that can catch the soccer ball, so if they could just teach Grant how to catch a soccer ball they’d be in great shape

I’ve always liked Will Fuller I just hope he can stay on the field. He can be explosive!

After a performance enhancing drug is suspended, it should be expected to produce at an even higher level

I’m just glad it’s a one year contract you can pay him what you want for 1 year but chances are he’ll miss 7 extra games and they need someone to open up the defense for that time


I wish they had Curtis Samuel, but I’m glad they chose Fuller because of JuJu and Golladay especially when JuJu apparently isn’t fully invested in the game Golladay would have been nice, but he’s too expensive for an unsafe option No. 1, which hardly ever 1000 meters in the shade

Fuller will ultimately compete with Devante Parker to figure out who is unambiguous number 2 as they both have pretty similar stats / injury schedules (plus Fuller had Watson on QB), and I don’t think he’ll ever be a # 1 option if either if they design a WR at the start of the first round, they may have one of the best receiving groups in the league, especially with Wilson and Hurns coming back

Will Fuller

World news – USA – Will Fuller joined Dolphins – ProFootballTalk on a one-year contract

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