WWE Fastlane is the final pay-per-view version before WrestleMania, and the main event will determine who will compete against Royal Rumble-winning Edge Universal Championship on the Show of Shows Daniel Bryan will be Roman Reigns for his Challenge the Universal Championship, with Edge as the “Special Enforcer” (ie interference awaiting), in what is sure to be an outstanding fight

Bobby Lashley’s WWE Championship is not at stake, but Drew McIntyre, fighting for it at WrestleMania, faces Sheamus in a No Holds Barred match.The other headlining match is Randy Orton vs Alexa Bliss, which is sure to make the return of The Fiend will lead

Fastlane is also the first pay-per-view to be streamed on NBC’s Peacock streaming service and the last to air on the WWE network

Braun Strowman was supposed to take on Shane McMahon, but an alleged leg injury put McMahon on the shelf instead. Instead, McMahon made Elias take his place against the monster among men

Easy Match Elias got a DDT and an elbow drop on Strowman in five minutes, but otherwise it was all Strowman He dominated Elias and also looted Jason Ricker from outside He got the pen after a powerslam I expected McMahon Strowman after that Match would be mugged and exposed as a forgery, but there was no such angle

Big E defeated Apollo Crows after a short but intense match with a very awkward, possibly botched rollup.This feud is clearly centered on WrestleMania as the brief, undecided competition was followed by crews who attacked, hit and insulted Big E / p>
The match opened strong in the tale that led to it having Big E apoplectic, threatening to destroy crews and loot his house.No Shiver from Big E, and E starts explosively by pounding his signature spear through the ropes Then he talked to crews about the garbage as he knocked it on the apron, unlike many cast members, Big E actually wrestled like he had a grudge for it was good stuff

Finish was so lame they didn’t bother showing a replay, and you can’t rewind on Peacock

The crews then cut him off by attacking E’s injured leg.But before the match could get into third gear, it came to an end.The crews got a small package for Big E, but Big E reversed it, To get the pin, however, it sounds a lot better on paper than in practice, as the referee started three counts for two pinfall attempts and even the announcers couldn’t explain what happened, they didn’t even try and it didn’t become one Repeat shown

Rating: 2 stars Bad finish, but hopefully the fiery action is favorable for a WrestleMania encounter

The Women’s Tag Team Championship game between Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler on the one hand and Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks on the other opened the show It was a decent action, if not extraordinary, but with the booking that ultimately turned Banks versus the story Made Belair less convincing

The match had a basic structure: First a lot of action, long heat on Belair in the middle and a whirlwind towards the end The finish itself was also formulaic: WWE had Baszler in the bank statement, Jax pressed Belair on Banks to break into the hold, Banks got mad at Belair and was rolled up for the pin by Baszler when the two argued

Things collapse quickly when @SashaBanksWWE & @BiancaBelairWWE collides with @NiaJaxWWE & @QoSBaszler on #WWEFastlane! # WomensTagTitles ▶ ️ https: // tco / xLIqW8bMss BildTwittercom / 2vFJ9Uf6zw

There was good action here too Belair’s wrestling with Baszler at the start of the game was great and ended with Baszler smacking a bad knee on Belair’s chin.Later, Sasha’s hot day was creative and fiery, a reminder of how fun it is to see her and there was a nice fake finish when Belair hit a 450 Splash only to break the pinfall of Reginald, who is now in a love-corner with Jax

But ultimately the plot made Banks look goofy and got mad at Belair, even though it was Nia Jax who pushed Belair on Banks, it also made Banks look incompetent when her distraction led her to get stuck and after the match, the had both of them had a showdown that ended with Banks calling Belair a rookie before hitting them. Belair slapped the face and pointed to the WrestleMania sign

Rating: 25 stars Banks v Belair build at WrestleMania has been weak so far Now that the tag team’s red herring has peaked, the creative will hopefully pick up speed between now and WrestleMania

On the kickoff show, Riddle defended his U.S. Championship against Mustafa Ali It was a tough game that won’t surprise anyone who has watched the pair’s previous bouts on Raw, in the end, Riddle trailed Ali with a BroDerick from the top rope Retribution turned on Ali for the match Apparently tired of Ali’s failure, Mace and T-Bar beat the now former faction leader twice

A solid match and angle of division of the Good Stuff – but it says a lot about what WWE thinks of Riddle and Retribution that this was on the Kickoff Show

WWE Fastlane 2021

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