Space Jam’s upcoming sequel, Space Jam: A New Legacy, now proves the very reasonable Spacejamcom URL.But luckily, that doesn’t mean one of the top internet targets has been dead for more than 25 years

As internet scholars know, the original Space Jam website, launched more than 25 years ago to exaggerate the movie, has lived on ever since this example of the early “World Wide Web” in action has not been seen since it was first launched changed in the slightest more than 20 years later it is a piece of digital archeology

That hasn’t changed until now. The arrival of a new legacy trailer also heralded the launch of a brand new Space Jam website. It looks so chic, is full of features, and very normal, as you’d get from a hype website for Expecting a Movie to Come The kind of site that takes time to load so you’ll be greeted by a progress bar and trailer overlay the first time you visit

Do you see? Pretty much what you’d expect. And a little stupid, right? The ÖG Space Jam website is a real slice of digital history it was one of the last urls you got to visit and it still tells us what the earliest days on the internet looked like and unlike Wayback Machine, they are not snapshots The website is just like that; old and simple and silly looking but with a real charm

Good news the old website hasn’t completely gone. It’s not right there at Spacejamcom anymore, but it’s still pretty close

Take a look at the screenshot above. Do you notice something familiar and inappropriate in the picture? Like the original Space Jam movie logo in the top right corner? Yes, so that’s a link click on it and you’ll be redirected to the original site in all of its low-tech glory

Would it have been cooler if Warner Bros had just used the old site to exaggerate the new film? Certainly the original Space Jam website is a popular piece of internet history but maybe that’s for the best then. Instead of changing something perfect, that perfect thing just moved that perfect thing to a new home and that’s where it lives now, more perfect than ever and no longer in danger to be forever wiped out by a sequel

There is also a suitable URL: wwwSpace Jamcom / 1996 Simple, easy to remember, and specific enough never to worry you again that an important piece of Internet history might disappear forever

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