The Game of Games is fast approaching, so let’s see if you know your football history.

What is the biggest age gap between two Super Bowl QB’s?

17 years

18 years

12 years

10 years

18 years!

This year’s Super Bowl will feature the biggest age gap between two QB’s: Tom Brady (43) and Patrick Mahomes (25). This beats the previous one of 17 years between Brady and new Lions’ QB Jared Goff.

What is the biggest outright upset in Super Bowl history?

Jets beat Colts!

Joe Namath’s famous guarantee came to fruition as the Jets walked in 18-point underdogs and walked out champions.

Who was the first Black QB to win a Super Bowl?

Doug Williams!

McNabb never won the big game, and while Wilson and Mahomes both can claim Super Bowl victory, Williams was the first to do it in 1988 with the Redskins.

True or False: This year’s Super Bowl will be the first time a team has gotten to play in their home stadium.



The Bucs beat the Packers to advance to the Super Bowl, which is being held at their home stadium, Raymond James Stadium. The closest a team has come recently was the Vikings in 2018.

How many NFL teams have NOT won a Super Bowl?





Nearly half the league hasn’t won the big game, while teams like the Patriots and Steelers have won 6.

Which team has the most consecutive Super Bowl appearances WITHOUT a win?

Cleveland Browns

Minnesota Vikings

Los Angeles Chargers

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills!

While both Buffalo and Minnesota have gone to the Super Bowl and lost four times, the Bills did it a staggering four times in a row.

Which Super Bowl matchup famously went through a 34-minute power outage after BeyoncĂ©’s halftime performance, gaining the nickname “The Blackout Bowl”?

SB 48: Seahawks v. Broncos

SB 47: 49ers v. Ravens

SB 50: Panthers v. Broncos

SB 45: Packers v. Steelers

SB 47: 49ers v. Ravens!

This Super Bowl was also the first one in which two brothers (Jim and John Harbaugh) coached opposing teams.

Who has the most Super Bowl MVPs?

Tom Brady!

Brady has 4 MVPs under his belt, and is looking for his 5th to go alongside a 7th Super Bowl win.

Which Super Bowl had the highest attendance at 103,985?

SB 14: Rams v. Steelers

SB 20: Bears v. Patriots

SB 19: 49ers v. Dolphins

SB 45: Packers v. Steelers

SB 14: Rams v. Steelers!

Super Bowl 45 came close to topping the previous record, having been less than 800 people away.

True or False: There has never been a Super Bowl MVP on a losing team.



Chuck Howley has the honor of being known as the only man to win Super Bowl MVP on a losing team when his Dallas Cowboys lost to the Baltimore Colts. He also became to first defensive player to win Super Bowl MVP.

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